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Eskişehirspor news
The hard part begins
Speaking to ES TV, Metehan said, “A great effort has been made for this transfer. Talks had been held for 3-4 months. Thank you very much to those who contributed. It was a difficult transfer, frankly. God willing, we achieved this. After that, the harder part begins. I have to show that this is not a coincidence. I want to represent my country there in the best way possible. Knowing that the whole city is behind me obviously makes me happy. ” I am very proud
Metehan said that he is proud of Es Es leaving by making money and said, “I am proud to go to my club where I grew up from its infrastructure. I have said this before, I said I would not go to Eskişehirspor without making money. I did this. I hope I will perform very well there and not embarrass the Eskişehirspor community and those who believe in me. This is a beginning. I took my first step to Europe. I do not intend to come back and I will come to better places. ” You can succeed by working hard
Metehan said, „I want to call my siblings and friends in the infrastructure.“ “I struggled in the club since I was 7 years old. I played in all age categories and gave more than I could. I think I have shown that dreams and goals are not far away. Because by working I showed that dreams can come true. I couldn’t even imagine, but I achieved this by working hard. “


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