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Doğukan P. (24) and Defne A. (24), who married 6 years ago in İzmir, divorced due to conflict. Defne A., who married Sinan A. last year, took his 6-year-old son R.P., who was custody of him, and settled in Burdur. Doğukan P., who wanted to see his son, took his son and brought him to İzmir. Spending time with his father, R.P. began to cry when he missed one day. He told his father, who asked why he was crying, that he smeared his stepfather’s excrement and urine into his mouth when he slipped under him, and that he was hit on his back and arms with a broomstick for not doing his lesson. Upon this, the father Doğukan P. filed a criminal complaint with the İzmir Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office, through his lawyers Melisa and Anıl Ersoy, on the charge of ‚torture, violence and threat to the child‘. Also Izmir 1 Longfellow protection and expulsion referring to the Family Court.

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Sabah newspaper of news to 6-year-old by RP In his statement at the Children’s Branch Office, „My step-father and my mother beat me when I do not do what they want. For example, when the homework is due at 9 pm, they beat me. My step-father beats me with a wooden, wood or broomstick. When they beat me, I am scared. I’ve been keeping my pants. Because they’re taking my mouth if found dirty panties. stepfather of my nose bled from the beatings, lips exploded. I do not want to go again there. My mom was sitting on top put Amateur pillows and comforter, „he said.

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Father Doğukan P. demanded that his son be given custody, lawyer Melisa Ersoy said, „It is an inhumane situation. We will do our best to punish those who cause this savagery and torment.“ Lawyer Anıl Ersoy said, „It is unacceptable for a 6-year-old vulnerable child to be subjected to torture and ill-treatment by his stepfather.“

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