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According to the Ministry’s announcement, concerts are still forbidden, but Istanbul residents will be able to watch theaters, opera and ballet in indoor and outdoor venues.

The Governorship of Istanbul will be held in open spaces such as concerts, shows, festivals as of September 14. the ban on events was lifted. It was announced on the social media account of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism that the ban was lifted. In the announcement made by the Ministry to the public, as a result of the evaluations we made with the Ministries of Interior and Health, all theater performances and opera ballet performances to be staged in open and closed places, provided that the rules in the ‚Controlled Normalization Process in Culture and Art Facilities Circular‘ published by our Ministry are complied with, It has been taken outside the scope of the decisions taken by the Boards ”.

The Ministry announced! 2 terrorists to surrender oldutürki

​​The Culture and Tourism Ministry with the description specifically prohibited from receiving great response from independent theater undergoing hard times because of the pandemic, was lifted for the theater. The statement revealed that there is no harm in performing theater, opera and ballet events indoors, provided that the circular of the Ministry is followed. The Ministry did not make a statement about the concert activities.

???? Announcement to the public about the theater performances that will be staged in open and closed venues and the performances of opera and ballet! “Circular on Controlled Normalization Process in Culture and Art Facilities” ????https: //

– TC Ministry of Culture and Tourism (@TCKulturTurizm) September 15, 2020 yeni adresinden giriş yapabilirsiniz. başarılı bir site ancak sizlere

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